Class. Elegance. Style. Tiffany Rose understands that there is an art to entertainment. While the music is one of the most important parts of an event, a true entertainer knows that there is so much more to it. Adding to the atmosphere with her beautiful collection of evening gowns, her killer smile and friendly personality, her high level of professionalism and willingness to cater to the client’s needs, and her passion and devotion to her craft; you will have true peace of mind when you hire this talented artist! She will captivate your guests with her unique visual and aural experience, and leave everyone with something special to talk about long after the day has passed. Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering or an elaborate affair, she can enhance the setting and make your event sparkle. Tiffany plays a wide range of genres, and is happy to guide you through the process of selecting music that is just right. It is her utmost goal to help ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. She can provide sophisticated background music that adds a touch of class to a cocktail party or she can wow your guests with popular, upbeat music that will have them pulling out their cell phones to take videos. The following are some of the superb music combinations she offers:



Electric Violin with Backing Tracks:

Tiffany Rose is one of the few musicians in the DC Metropolitan area to offer this exciting and unique performance. Playing on an electric violin with accompaniment from over 300 high quality backing tracks, she can perform anything from Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, to The Beatles and Coldplay! You would think you were listening to a full sized band. This adds a fun element to your event, and will have guests from young to old tapping their feet to the sounds of familiar tunes we all know and love. She provides a state of the art PA system, or can work with a sound company, if being provided by the client, and depending on the size of the audience and venue. 



Electric Violin with DJ combo:

Her ability to play alongside popular DJs and seamlessly improvise new compositions on the fly is mesmerizing, and will be sure to amaze. Having the versatility of a DJ with the added benefit of a live musician is a win-win situation for various event scenarios. She has established relationships with many well-known DJs in the area, or would be happy to work with one being provided by the client. 



Solo Acoustic Violin

Showcasing the timeless beauty of the acoustic violin, Tiffany Rose can provide elegant music entertainment and ambiance for small intimate gatherings, surprise wedding proposals and small wedding ceremonies. Her expressive playing and large repertoire, which includes classical wedding standards, American jazz standards and contemporary music, offer flexibility and a special personalized touch to your event.  



Violin and Piano Duo:

Tiffany Rose works closely with several skilled and talented pianists. She created a music cover video of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” with a pianist, and gained 18,000 views on YouTube in just a short time…showing how popular this musical combination is! From romantic love ballads, to upbeat popular tunes, this is a great combo for many settings. A keyboard and PA system can be provided for events where a piano is not onsite. 



Violin and Guitar Duo:

This time-honored combination of violin and guitar has entertained audiences for many centuries. It has proven to be a beautiful musical duo, and is often a better choice than solo violin by itself. The guitar allows for a rhythmic element that is important in many popular songs today, and fills out the chords while the violin soars in the melody lines. Tiffany has played with several amazing guitarists for years, who bring a wealth of experience in the entertainment world. 



Violin and Harp Mother/Daughter Duo or Trio:

Tiffany Rose is blessed to come from a gifted musical family. Her mother, Gail Shanta, is an accomplished harpist and has been playing in the DC area for over 30 years. Tiffany grew up playing for special occasions with Gail, and they add that special charm to an event, as a mother/daughter duo. In addition, Tiffany’s sister, Katie Shanta, is an accomplished violinist with a music degree from George Mason University. Tiffany and Katie have performed together for many weddings, as well as with their mother as a trio. The Shanta Family at its best!



Pop/Rock String Quartet:

Tiffany Rose has had the great fortune of performing with an exceptional group of musicians as a string quartet, which specializes in playing lively contemporary music. Famous groups such as Vitamin String Quartet and Bond have made this combination and genre popular in today’s era. Many of the musicians she plays with are conservatory-trained and/or military musicians, they can do it all. From Bach to Hendrix & Metallica and everything in between. They are truly entertaining and will dazzle. You won’t be disappointed.