"As a record producer I am often called upon to hire musicians, and quite often a violinist is among them. As a paid offer, I usually have my pick of the many accomplished musicians that populate this area and that are in need of employment. There are violinists with great tone and pitch, others who can read music perfectly, some who are very creative and come up with nice parts, and then those who are very easy to work with...always come prepared, and on time. Tiffany is that rare musician that encompasses all of those traits, and in spades. She's my first call for sessions, and my first referral for backup musicians for live performances. My only fear is that she's likely to get signed and taken away, as I see that likely in her future."

Marco Delmar, Award-Winning Record Producer

"The only word that comes to my mind when I think of Tiffany Shanta is amazing! She is undoubtably the most professional, talented, beautiful violinist that I have the pleasure of knowing. I have known Tiffany and her family for over 10 years now. I do hundreds of bookings a year for three different large talent agencies in the Washington DC area, and Tiffany is one of the first violinists that I try to book for each and every gig.  She is always professional, courteous, on time, and dependable. Her musicianship is immaculate. She has the respect and admiration of each and every highly trained professional musician that I work with. In other words, she is loved and respected by her peers. There are not enough superlatives to describe her. I also know how hard she works and how driven she is to play each and every note perfectly, to be her absolute best each and every day and for each and every client. Dear Reader, you may think that what I am saying is fluff and flattery, but it is not. Tiffany Shanta is one of the most exceptional human beings and musicians that I have ever met. You will never, ever be disappointed by hiring her. I will only be disappointed that when you do, I won’t be able to book her for one of my events."

Fred Lieder, Cellist and Booking Agent

"Tiffany Shanta is an extremely talented violinist. Her reading of a music score and interpretation of it, her sensitivity as a solo performer and as an accompanist make her a remarkable musician. During her college years, and later, she belonged to our trio at Westminster School accompanying several musicals with delicacy, excellence and understanding.
She is a most beautiful, sensitive soloist and has exceptional improvisational skills making her absolutely outstanding in her field."

Mrs.Saldanha, former Director of Music at Westminster School

"If we were to recreate our wedding day, there is no question we would have Tiffany and Katie play again! They did a phenomenal job, and we are so thankful that they made our wedding ceremony so incredibly beautiful with their piano and violin duo!
Tiffany promptly set up a meeting and was quick to respond whenever we were discussing the music selections. She also gave guidance when necessary and paid attention to the little details.
The music was beautiful and unique, just like these sisters. They are very talented and professional, yet also so thoughtful and kind. The Shanta Sister Duo are a true gem, and made a point to help make our ceremony wonderful and memorable."

Heidi & Bill - The Shanta Sister Duo of piano and violin 

"Tiffany, accompanied by her sister on violin, played at our wedding in September 2017. We asked her to play after seeing her perform at several events. Her talent stood out then. She was extremely professional throughout the entire process. Tiffany was easy to work with and had great ideas to contribute when I was unsure about what songs should be played. She even took the time to learn several specific songs (other than traditional wedding songs) that we requested during the procession. Tiffany and Katie did a wonderful job transitioning each song and ensuring that the music flowed smoothly. I could tell that they were both very prepared and had experience. Following the ceremony, we [they] received many compliments from our guests. Tiffany is an outstanding performer whether she is playing solo or joined by others. The music turned out beautiful and I couldn't have been more satisfied!" 

Kristen & Nick - The Shanta Sister Duo of piano and violin

"I am so grateful to have found such a talented and professional violinist for my daughter’s small elegant luncheon wedding. To say that Tiffany Shanta’s music was the perfect touch is an understatement. Tiffany came highly recommended and made everything seamless from the planning, to the song selection, to the expert execution of music on the wedding day. I can’t say enough about her profound talent. Guests loved the classical music....complete perfection and memorable...hire Tiffany with complete confidence!"

Deborah, mother of the Bride

"When running a rehearsal, nothing helps the director more than an accompanist who is prepared! I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany for three years. Besides being prepared at all times, following direction well, and having a great rapport with the group- Tiffany has always made it a point to put a lot of effort into her preparation. This always shows in her passionate delivery of accompaniment, regardless of the level of difficulty or genre. Tiffany is the ultimate professional who will work on a task until it is complete."

Matt Duckery, Choral Director of Old Bridge United Methodist Church

"Tiffany Shanta is a musical maven! She is the consummate professional who prepares and delivers amazing results. I didn't have to go to Nashville to find the best violin/fiddle player, she was already here. I would highly recommend Tiffany to any artist looking for the edge, beauty, and sophistication her talent can provide."

Scott Thorn, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

"I’m currently working with Tiffany on several recording projects and we’ve played live together on three occasions.  Simply put, if I need a violinist for either recording or live performance the only reason I’d use anyone else is if Tiffany’s not available.  A consummate professional, she always shows up on time, rehearsed and prepared.  Add to that her killer tone and her infectious, creative energy and positive attitude – and you’ve got the real deal and the best deal in town."

Susan Rowe, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

"There could have been no more romantic touch of class than these three beautiful ladies added to our very special day. The vows were spoken on the Veranda of an elegant Golf Club while beautiful harp strains softly enveloped the background. Just inside, the harp and two violinists filled the air with elegance and charm. Special music of our choice guaranteed a very personal touch. Comments and compliments came from everyone! Personally, our lovely memories of the day began and ended with the Touch of Class afforded to us by these lovely, classy and most talented ladies. Additionally, thank you, thank you for making the trip to Richmond to make this fairy tale touch actually happen!!"

Patricia & Jim - The Shanta Family Trio of harp and two violins

"Tiffany Shanta exhibits the highest level of expertise and professionalism in all aspects of her music. Even though eight years have passed since she provided music as a pianist, for my beloved husband’s Memorial Service, I often think of and reflect on the beautiful selection of music she played that day in December 2009. The occasion was sad and difficult, but the music was comforting. It was masterful! I will always be grateful to Tiffany for the music she played for me and my family. Tiffany is such a musically talented young lady who has the ability to play music for many different venues and she does it with beauty, grace and class. She has been the pianist for the church I attend for 10 years now. Not only is she the pianist there, she has played the violin there too. And sometimes with her musical family. Tiffany is a true professional. I have nothing but praise for this young lady. I would recommend her highly!"

Miss Mary

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